I’ve never heard that one before! But if you look closely, I’m only riding one horse, and it’s name is the principal of zero aggression. It’s true that I don’t pay the federal income tax, for all the reasons I explain in this thread. And it’s true that eventually, someone will initiate aggression against me for it, when I have harmed no one. Yes I pay for martial arts, because I want those skills! And yes I think invading another country is wrong, but if that country asks for help against an aggressor, I am ok with that. There is a difference that should be quite clear there! Yes I have opinions of a political nature, I think politics are a con game to bilk people out of what they earn, and restrict individual liberties! Restricting freedom and extortion are the only things government can do, and no government anywhere at any point in history has ever been or ever will be legitimate! None of this makes me a hypocrite. All of this is an exercise on my part, to get rid of contradictory beliefs in my own head, and encouraging others to do the same! So if you can find an opinion I express that genuinely contradicts another opinion I express, please do point it out so that I can examine it!