I'm sorry to say but 95% these people leaving Africa are not political refugees. It's economical. Therefore, Europe should return them. NOT rescuing them. Once letting them in, they will call their friends and family to join them because they get free housing, food, and money. If one ant finds a food, soon whole community of ants will show up. So if Europe keep accepting these people, a tsunami of Africans and middle eastern will run over Europe. It's already bad enough that I don't feel like I am Europe when I'm visiting on business. White Europeans populations is dropping. A sturdy says that due to lack of babies, White European population will shrink by more than 30% in 50 years. If you think it's bad now and you don't feel like you are in Europe, wait and see in 50 years. Imagine what Europe will look 30% of white Europeans are replace with Africans and middle easterns. Then in 100 years, what Europe will look like.